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means over
6000 homes
handed over
to our clients.


A-Trusted® is your guarantee when you buy a house or apartment in this category.

The A-Trusted® logo means not only the number of apartments and houses built and handed over by the group we belong to, but also a set of quality standards and good practices transferred to the new projects.

A developer who builds thousands of apartments and houses, went through all the mistakes inherent in pioneering and perfected himself, becoming a professional. Moreover, the relationship with the banks and the producers of construction materials offers advantages that are found in the quality of the project, ie you will receive more in exchange for the money invested.

A-Trusted® means that your apartment is in a central location, developed or with development potential, so the value of the apartment over time increases and the rental yield is higher.

The A-Trusted® logo means quality assurance, safety and a risk-free purchase.